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Chelsea's Daily Dose!!

  • Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line is selling his massive house

They call it "The Kelley Compound," …. it has six structures, including three homes, a party barn, a saloon and a tree house built by Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s Tree House Masters. And you can nab it for the low price of $6.24 million. 

  • Drinking diet soda is just as bad for you as having a regular soda.  

Even sugar-free drinks raise the risk of weight gain, type 2 diabetes, dementia and stroke among US adults. Doctors also warn not to heavily consume alternatives that are for now, deemed safe by the FDA like Splenda and Sweet & Low. They should only be used when transitioning to healthy and truly sugar-free alternatives. 

  • It Looks Like A “Sandlot” Prequel Is Coming - the first one came out in 1999

Original director and writer David Mickey Evans is returning for the project 

And theyre sayyyyinggg the prequel may tell the origin story of The Beast or even the character Mr. Mertle played by James Earl Jones 

The film does not have a release date yet. 

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