No Stimulus Check Yet? This Hack Could Speed It Up

(Irs.Gov Screengrab)

If you haven't got your govt. money yet and can't figure out the hold up, there is something you can do to speed up the process. Check out this website stimulus hack.

Many people keep getting the frustrating message "payment status not available" error when trying to find out the status of their IRS coronavirus stimulus check online. Some people have figured out a simple way around the error. USE ALL CAPS WHEN ENTERING YOUR ADDRESS... for real! HERE IS THE LINK

The IRS has done some big upgrades this week but it may take you yelling at it to make it work. Seriously. Try it out. It's working for a lot of people after it was shared on twitter.

No one is exactly sure why this works and doing it normally doesn't but it's worth a try. Even the upgrades have left people without access still.

Sometimes you just have to bring out your inner KAREN to get things done around here! Hope this helps you out!

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