New Colorado Law Passes Regarding Eggs

According to The Colorado Sun:

“All Colorado eggs must be cage-free by 2025 under law passed to head off stricter ballot measure.
Consumers were already pushing the industry to cage-free. But lawmakers sped things up after an out-of-state group threatened to run a far more sweeping measure.”

I am all for chickens being cage free, and our eggs coming from a more ethical place. Not everyone is excited about it though. It will cost producers a lot of money to convert over:

Egg producers estimate it will cost them about $30 per bird, totaling about $165 million for the industry in Colorado.
“The Colorado legislature didn’t particularly want to pass this egg-producer ultimatum. How it all went down is a political tale whose characters include New York animal welfare advocates, retailers that no longer want to sell eggs from caged hens, and lawmakers who concluded that passing the law was the best way to protect Colorado’s livestock and agriculture industry.”

What do you think? Are you willing to pay more for eggs to make sure they are ethically made by cage free chickens? Or are you upset that this happened and the price of eggs could be going up?

There is a lot more to the story. Read the entire article HERE.


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