TRILLIONS Of 10 Cicadas To Emerge In US After 17 Years Underground!

I remember these things and I HATE them...

Trillions of cicadas are set to emerge across 15 states this spring as they awaken from a 17-year-long hibernation. Yup TRILLIONS.

The colony of insects known as Brood 10 are expected to appear for the first time since 2004 in several states including Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

They will crawl out in mid-May to late June when soil hits 64 degrees Fahrenheit… likely after a sprinkling of warm rain.

Once above ground, the insects will set about mating, the noise of which can hit 100 decibels, and lay their eggs before dying.  Dang!

I couldn’t find any news of them coming to Colorado... So that’s good right??


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