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Best (affordable) Hiking Backpack Ever!

I did a TON of hiking this past year (thank you COVID) and I realized that I needed a better backpack than just a regular school backpack from Target.

I also knew I wanted a hydration pack that could hold more water than a bottle. I know a lot of people who purchased Camelbak's but I wanted something that could fit extra items and a little more affordable.

So I did some research and found THIS backpack for $29!!

It's the Mothybot Hydration Pack off Amazon and I got it in the color emerald, and my best friend got the color pink!

I have used it more times than I can count this past year! It hold 2L of water and keeps it cold if you throw a few ice cubes in!

It also has tons (in my opinion) room for other items compared to other hydration packs. And it's super comfortable because there's two straps to keep it secure while hiking.

It has a 4.5 star rating and comes in 12 colors!

Happy hiking!

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