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Five Mistakes We Make in the Morning That Ruin Our Productivity

It can be TOUGH being productive in the morning. So HuffPost gave us the top mistakes we're making in the morning that are ruining our productivity:

1. Forcing yourself to wake up too early. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't an early bird. You might actually get more done throughout the day if you get more sleep. So if your schedule allows, sleep a little longer and don't feel guilty.

2. Not getting dressed. Believe it or not, staying in sweatpants all day isn't great for productivity. Getting dressed tells your brain something new is about to happen and helps you shift gears.

3. Skipping breakfast and not drinking water. Being hungry and dehydrated makes it harder to focus. So eat and stay hydrated to be at your best.

4. Starting the day in reactive mode instead of proactive mode. Being proactive means spending some time thinking about your priorities that day and making a plan. Not reaching for your phone first thing can help.

5. Not prepping the night before. It's hard to do MORE at the end of a long day. But preparing ahead of time can make a big difference in productivity. And in the long run, it can actually buy you more down-time. 

See the full list HERE!

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