Denver Set to Revive Plan to Allow You to Walk Around with Alcohol

According to Denver7:

Denver is set to revive a plan to allow you to walk around with alcohol beverages through certain common areas of the city.
The common consumption plan was approved by city council in late 2019. The pandemic prevented the city from finalizing rules.
"We didn’t plan for a pandemic," said Eric Escudero with Denver Excise & Licenses. "Common consumption could be the boost everyone needs. This could actually be a great thing."
This week, the city of Denver is set to finalize the rules to allow entertainment districts where patrons can carry around open alcohol containers.
"In that designated area someone could go purchase a drink at the Italian restaurant and walk over to the area where someone could purchase a margarita from the Mexican restaurant," Escudero explained. "You won’t have to separate anymore."

They also mentioned that the Dairy Block in downtown Denver is a prime candidate for common consumption!

Pretty cool!


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