Foundation Launched to Help Dogs in Honor of Boulder Victim Jody Waters

Jody Waters was a victim of the March 22nd tragedy in Boulder.

In honor of her memory, her family launched a foundation, The Waters Foundation for Dogs.

A statement from the family reads:

Jody Waters believed every dog deserves a second chance at a life full of love and care. According to her former husband and lifelong friend, Chuck Hunker, she overcame many challenges in her own life and found that caring for animals was the best way she could give back. “She saw so much cruelty in the world and the terrible things people do to other people,” said Chuck. “Saving dogs gave her an opportunity to have a positive impact every day. It was her way of combating all of the evil and cruelty in the world.”
Jody Waters was 65 years old when her life suddenly ended. She was one of 10 victims killed in the mass shooting at the Boulder King Soopers grocery store in March. She leaves behind two daughters, a son-in-law, a grandchild, and her ex-husband; a very tight knit family before and after the tragedy. At first, the family isolated themselves from the rest of the world as they grieved together. Yet, friends and family from all over the country reached out asking how they could help. “It was never in Jody’s nature to want attention or to seek help from others,” said Chuck. “As a family, we also did not want the spotlight on us.” As a result, they came up with a way to honor her and put the focus on how she lived rather than how she died.
The family recently created The Waters Foundation for Dogs, hosted through the Community Foundation Boulder County. They hope to raise enough money to establish a yearly contribution to an animal group. Jody’s daughters, Alex and Channing, will choose where the money goes each year. “I like the idea of bringing the girls together in such a positive way to honor their mother,” said Chuck. “Focusing on the foundation is helping us all through the grieving process.”
Jody was never without a dog. Over the years, she had a blind pug, two dogs that had only three legs, elderly dogs, mutts… any dog that no one else wanted had a place in her home. Chuck says her compassion for animals came from her mother, and she passed that passion down to her girls who currently foster dogs. “It has become a family mission that stems directly from Jody’s unwavering passion for making a difference where she could. We hope others will help us honor her by making a difference in the lives of rescue dogs.”

To donate to The Waters Foundation, visit

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