American Girl Re-Releasing Their First 6 Original American Girl Dolls!

Growing up I was OBSESSED with American Girl dolls. I remember Molly being my favorite. I also LOVED the books that came with the dolls.

Well American Girl just announced they are bringing back their original six dolls to celebrate their 35th anniversary!

That includes:

1774’s Felicity Merriman, 1824’s Josefina Montoya, 1854’s Kirsten Larson, 1864’s Addy Walker, 1904’s Samantha Parkington, and 1944’s Molly McIntire. So exciting right!

They will look the exact same as the originals, and come in the same outfits with the same accessories.

I am a full-grown 29 year-old adult and I'm tempted to buy one. Crazy? Maybe...

More info HERE!

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