Colorado Launching $1M Lottery Drawings as Vaccine Initiative

Following in Ohio's footsteps, Governor Polis announced that the state of Colorado has launched a $5 million lottery to incentivize vaccinations!

According to The Hill:

Those who receive a coronavirus vaccine are eligible to win $1 million during five drawings from June to July. 
The initiative, called Colorado Comeback Cash, will include the Colorado Lottery. The lottery will randomly pick the name of a vaccinated adult to win the cash prize for five weeks. The drawings will occur every Wednesday in June and July 2. The winners will be announced on the Friday after the lotteries. 
All Coloradans who have gotten at least one dose and are in the state’s system by midnight the Tuesday before the drawings will automatically be included in the pool.
Officials recommend getting vaccinated “as far in advance of the drawing as possible” because it can take a few days to enter the system.
Participants need to be vaccinated by next Tuesday to qualify for the first drawing. The last day to qualify for the final lottery is June 30.

So if you've already been vaccinated, you're all set! Good luck!


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