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Chelsea's Top 5 Beauty Products!

I've tried A LOT of products during the pandemic, a lot.

Here are my Top 5 favorites at the moment!

#1 La Roche-Posay Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

I think I've tried about 10 sunscreens over the past 2 years. This one has been the best for me! It doesn't make me break out, and I love that it's tinted. It's perfect for a no-makeup day! Also doesn't sting my eyes. It's a little pricey but it lasts me a long time. You can purchase HERE!

#2 Tula Face Filler Primer

I've tried soooo many primers. They majority make my face oily and I feel like they don't actually do anything. This Tula primer has by far been my favorite. I feel like it smooths my face out and actually helps keep my makeup on longer! Grab it from Ulta HERE!

#3 Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster

LADIES... you need this. You know why. It stings a little for a second, but it works! It's $10. Grab it from Ulta HERE!

#4 Mine Tan Self Tanner

During the pandemic I learned how to apply self tanner and it's been a game changer. I just feel better when I'm tan judge me haha. But I've tried probably 4-5 self tanning foams and this is THE BEST. It lasts the longest. My favorite feature is that you take their online test and they match you with the best self tanner for your skin and desired tan level. Make sure to also grab a self tanning mit! Take the quiz and grab a bottle HERE!

#5 Olaplex #7 Bonding Oil

I could rave about the entire Olaplex line but this product is my favorite. I get highlights in my hair and I truly think this one product is the reason my hair isn't super dry. I use a little right out of the shower, and again after blow drying my hair. It's the BEST. It also lasts a superrr long time. Get a bottle HERE!

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