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New Docuseries Exploring How Barney the Dinosaur Was So Loved...and Hated

I LOVED, like LOVED "Barney and Friends."

I was even Barney for Halloween multiple times. And now there's a docuseries in the works about Barney and how he became so beloved...and so HATED.

It's going to come out next year on Peacock in three episodes.

While an official title hasn't been announced, the series promises to, quote, "examine the rock star-like trajectory of Barney the Dinosaur, who captured the hearts of millions of children.

And then how, "he became the target of hate and rage across pop culture, the early internet, and playgrounds around the world." Crazy!!

It'll include exclusive interviews and archived footage from the cast and crew and even critics.

More info HERE!

Hollywood Radio and Television 10th Annual Kids Day 2004

Photo: Getty Images North America

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