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10 Things I Would Repurchase in 2022!

I tried a lottttt of new products in 2021. (Thanks Tik Tok)

And these are by far some of my favorites. Obviously some of these items I don't need to repurchase. But they are items I would 100% recommended purchasing if you don't own them!

So here are my favorite products at the moment, in no particular order:

#1 Purlisse BB Cream

I have tried SO MANY foundations over the past year and this is BY FAR my favorite. It has 40 SPF in it which I truly think has improved my skin, and the shades have always matched my skin very well. It is a dewy/moisturizing foundation, definitely not matte at all, which I prefer these days.

It isssss $38 but I do feel like it has lasted many months. Worth it.

Find it HERE!

#2 Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps

I use these every single time I wash my hair now. I'm new to the microfiber hair towel game but I've heard it helps with hair damage and is a lot better for your hair over time. I've been really enjoying mine!

Grab some HERE!

#3 Insulated Water Bottle

This one is a little's awesome. There's a girl I love from Tik Tok named Tinx and she recommended it over a year ago and I bought it. I love it. Having the straw makes me drink water more frequently, and it stays SUPER cold all day!

Grab one HERE!

#4 Foundation Brush

I was an "only a beauty blender" girl for YEARS. This brush changed that. It's the #200 brush from Real Techniques. At first it can look streaky, but eventually it blends! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Grab it from Ulta HERE!

#5 Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

I didn't want to like this. I have a monthly subscription with Boxy Charm and this was in there. It's $85.... so again, I wanted to hate it. But I'm obsessed. I will say it lasts a very long time. I truly think this one product has drastically changed my skin. I am on the hunt for a similar product that is more affordable though. So if you know one, let me know!!

Grab it from Sephora HERE!

#6 La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

I saw this ALL over Tik Tok so gave it a try. If you live in a dry region, or you skin is super dry this is the balm for you. I rotate this with my other moisturizing every other night and I wake up with super smooth skin. 10/10

Grab it from Target HERE!

#7 Nespresso Vertuo (automatic)

Okay obviously I don't need to repurchase this, hopefully. But I recommended this machine to all coffee lovers. This machine will ACTUALLY make you not go to Starbucks as often. I love the coffee, there's so many flavors and they all taste so great. I truly could not live without my Nespresso. 2000/10

See all the machines HERE! I do recommend the automatic machines!

#8 Wet Shower Detangler Brush

I randomly tried this once at a friends house years ago and I'll never go back. This brush is a game changer for when your hair is wet, especially if your hair gets super tangled like mine. I have had one of the brush handles break off before so you do have to be gentle!

Grab it for $7 HERE!

#9 Caffeine Eye Cream

I've tried a handful of eye creams and I feel like this is the best. I tested it a few times on one eye to compare to the other, and there was 100% a difference. And it's $10!!

Grab it from Sephora HERE!

#10 HASK Dry Shampoo

Last but not least, another Tik Tok find!

I have super greasy hair and have a hard time finding good dry shampoos that aren't $30. I go through them so fast that I don't want to spend that kind of money. This dry shampoo is the BEST. It's $6 at Ulta right now, (normally $8) and smells really great. My number #1 tip is to section your hair and apply this before bed BEFORE your hair gets greasy. I love it!

Grab it HERE!

Do you already have any of these products? Do you recommend any I should try? DM on Instagram HERE!

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