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Someone Spent More than $500,000 on Tom Brady's "Last" Touchdown Ball

This makes me want to CRY for this person...

Somebody spent a small fortune on what SHOULD have been a historic piece of sports memorabilia. But ultimately, they got kinda robbed.

Just hours before Tom Brady announced he was coming out of retirement, an anonymous bidder paid $518,628 for what was SUPPOSED TO be Tom's final touchdown ball.

Now that it's most likely not Tom's last touchdown anymore, that ball is probably never going to be worth even close to that. YIKES that stinks.

The touchdown in question was a 55-yarder to Bucs receiver Mike Evans during their playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Evans tossed the ball into the stands, obviously not thinking about its possible worth.

Remember, Evans did that earlier in the season after catching Brady's 600th touchdown pass. But they got that ball back, and gave the fan some swag in return.



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