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Dog Beds for Humans Are Now a Thing You Can Buy

Two college students in Vancouver, British Columbia just launched a new product on Kickstarter, a dog bed for PEOPLE. YUP.

It's called "The Plufl" and it looks just like a dog bed, but bigger. 

The two guys behind it say they're both big nappers. One of them recently saw a custom bed that a friend made for their Great Dane, and realized it was almost big enough for a person to sleep on.

They're described as dog beds made to human standards, with memory foam and an ultra-soft, fake fur cover. These things are NOT cheap though.

You can pre-order one through Kickstarter for $350. And they eventually plan to sell them for $500.  (You could buy a pretty good REAL mattress for that much.)

It seems like plenty of people are interested though. They were hoping to raise $25,000 to launch the business, and they've already raised over a hundred grand.

They say their first orders should ship in November, so just in time for Christmas!!

It really does look comfortable:

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