Tyler Farr Tackled By Security Guard!!

Tyler Farr had to go to the emergency room after he was blindsided and tackled by overzealous security during his performance in Duluth, Minn!! Yikes...

He performed at WE Fest on Friday (Aug. 3), and he tells Taste of Country that the night before, he was onstage at a different festival when things went sideways. 

He was returning to the stage after jumping into the crowd when a security guard apparently failed to recognize him and jumped him, evidently believing he was an unruly fan trying to get onstage. 

Tyler explains, "I have no clue what happened. Took me down. He was about 6' 5", and about 350 lbs., I think. I didn't know what was going on. I was mad as hell, but yeah, he took me out." 

The security guard backed off once others told him Farr was actually the artist was supposed to be protecting, but the damage was done. 

Tyler has, "A sprained ankle and a big thump on the head later, and a little visit to the ER, and we're good to go."

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