Colorado Highest Number Of Confirmed Cases Of Virus

More Than 120 Kids in 22 States Diagnosed or Suspected to have Mysterious Virus

There has been a spike in cases of a mysterious polio-like illness that mainly affects children.  A top federal health official says more than 120 confirmed or possible cases have been documented so far in 2018

Colorado had the highest number of confirmed cases at 14.

Most of the cases of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, have occurred since August. The rare condition, which has been surging since 2014, affects the nervous system and can lead to paralysis of the arms and legs. It has no specific treatment.It's still not clear what causes AFM, but one of the most likely culprits is a virus.

Symptoms include: sudden limb weakness, loss of muscle tone and reflexes, facial and eyelid drooping, difficult swallowing, slurred speech, and difficulty moving the eyes. In severe cases, difficulty breathing can also occur. Some recover quickly from the illness while others require long-term care; there was one reported death in 2017. The CDC is investigating.

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