YIKES!! FB 's New Feature Freaks Me Out!

What do you think of the new FB feature?  I see serious issues with stalkers....YIKES!

Facebook has patented a creepy new feature that uses sensors on your phone to see people nearby, and suggest them as a friend. These phone sensors could even spot people with 'similar movement patterns'.

In the patent application the firm says it hopes to avoid 'missed connections'.The patent had an example scenario for why this new feature would be beneficial:  In one example, the first user and the second user meet at a gathering. The first user and the second user become acquainted and decide to connect with each other via a social networking service. During their meeting, the first user and the second user forgot to obtain each other's full names and contact information. Furthermore, the first user and second user do not have any mutual connections that are readily recognizable or apparent to each other. Thus, the opportunity for the first and second users to connect can be lost.