Compare The Two.....It Would Freak Me Out Too!

Family Vacation

A Texas man recreated a scene from the film “Christmas Vacation” where Clark Griswold hangs from the roof while trying to put up Christmas lights.

For some people the display looked a little too realistic because someone rushed to help thinking it was a real person – they even called 911 along with about a dozen other people.

The good Samaritan was captured on camera running up to the display and shouting “Please hold on!”  The passerby was a veteran named Alfred Norwood who had a good sense of humor after he realized it wasn’t real.  He explains, “I was trying to get him down any way I can. Except when I started talking to him, he never said nothing!  Then I thought, ‘Oh my God I hope he’s not dead, lemme call 9-1-1.'”  The family gave him a $500 gift card to show their appreciation for his good deed.  The family has also added a sign to the bottom of the display explaining the Christmas display so nobody else calls 911.

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