The 7 Different Types of Men You Will Date...

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. 

According to a relationship expert, there are seven different types of men you will date before finding 'the one'.

Mr Grey  From the outside, Mr Grey appears to be a handsome man who has his life together - but he has a fear of love. 'He's all about control and he's emotionally distant.’

Mr McDreamy  Mr McDreamy is the ultimate 'soulmate' of relationships - the man you typically see in romantic movies.  She explained how women have an incredibly strong connection with Mr McDreamy who is filled with unconditional love, self-care and understanding. Everything seems perfect with Mr McDreamy but he can be platonic.

Mr Unavailable  Mr Unavailable has a deep sense of love but there's something missing. 'He's not available mentally or emotionally.’ He can't offer a full connection in a relationship.

Mr Upgrade  There's a lot of magnetism with Mr Upgrade but he gets to a point in his life where he's very unsettled and he would usually upgrade to a younger lady.’ He has a strong soul connection but he's still unhealed from his past relationship.

Mr Variety  She explained Mr Variety is the ladies man who loves to be the center of attention - but he will leave once a relationship turns serious. 'He flips to different ladies and he won't commit so he's a little bit tricky.’

Mr Duality Mr Duality is probably the most complicated one out of all. 'He's what's known as a "twin flame”. This person will be very different to you.’ They share similar values and interests as you - but they often have unreciprocated love. 

Mr Darcy  She describes Mr Darcy as the 'perfect man' who has a complete love of heart, mind, body and soul. He sees the perfection and beauty of you and you can spark up a divine union relationship with him. 

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