1067 The Bull Parking Lot....Just The Beginning

The Bomb Cyclone has hit Denver and making history!

Over 200,000 customers in the metro area have lost power, that is near a record. That was the count at 1 PM, news is reporting it will increase.

The heaviest snowfall is happening right now, 2 pm. It will start to die down around 7 pm, so wait to go anywhere if it's a must.

Over 80 road closures and over 1260 flights have been cancelled. This is just the beginning they say.

The pic above is the radio stations parking lot at 11 am this morning. Trust me, it's a different look now.

Something you are not seeing in that pic, the WIND!! It makes the icy snow feel like bees stinging your face, especially if your a wimp like me :)

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