Track List and Trailer for UGLYDOLLS

The track listing is now out for the UglyDolls movie soundtrack, which features Blake Shelton,Bebe Rexha and Kelly Clarkson among others. 

In the movie, Blake voices OX, who thinks of himself as the mayor of Uglyville. 

The soundtrack will be available on April 26th. The movie opens on May 3rd. 

Uglydolls Soundtrack Listing

  • Kelly Clarkson- "Broken & Beautiful"
  • Kelly Clarkson- "Couldn’t Be Better" (Pop Version)
  • Kelly Clarkson- Today’s the Day
  • Kelly Clarkson and the UglyDolls Cast- "Couldn’t Be Better" (Movie Version)
  • Ugly Dolls Cast- "Today’s the (Perfect) Day"
  • Nick Jonas- "The Ugly Truth"
  • Pentatonix- "You Make My Dreams"
  • Nick Jonas- "The Uglier Truth"
  • Janelle Monáe (feat.Kelly Clarkson) - "All Dolled Up"
  • Janelle Monáe and Kelly Clarkson- "Unbreakable"
  •  UglyDolls Cast- "The Big Finale"
  •  Bebe Rexha- "Girl in the Mirror"
  • Anitta- "Ugly" 
  •  Why Don’t We- "Don’t Change"
  •  Blake Shelton- "Wallflowers & Weeds"
  • Anitta- "Ugly" (“Fea”)

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