Strange Ways To Ring In The New Year

How does YOUR town celebrate New Years?

Just about everyone has watched the ball drop in Times Square at some point, but that's not the only game in town when the clock strikes 12.

Time Out magazine scoured from coast to coast and found these interesting ways to ring in the new year:

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Peeps Drop. You don't have to like eating them to love watching them fall from the sky. The home of the sugary confection lowers a 400-pound chick on New Year’s Eve as part of PEEPSFEST, which also features tastings of unique PEEPS flavors, a scavenger hunt, and other fun activities.

Mt. Olive, North Carolina: Pickle Drop. For the past 22 years, the home of Mt. Olive pickles has puckered up for the event -- which centers on the fire department dropping an oversized pickle into a redwood tank. And good news for early birds -- the locals hold the event at 7 p.m., so you'll have plenty of time for champagne later.

Mobile, Alabama: Moon Pie Over Mobile. The southern specialty gets to shine at this tasty event, where locals watch a lighted 600-pound MoonPie descend the RSA BankTrust building at midnight. and get together to sample the world’s largest MoonPie -- a real one -- that’s cut and served to the public.

Eastport, Maine: Great Sardine Drop. This old fishing village hasn't forgotten its roots, so town officials gather residents to watch an 8-foot sardine drop to the ground. Before COVID, folks would smooch the sardine for good luck -- a tradition that's still on hold this year

Tallapoosa, Georgia: Possum Drop. The town used to be known as Possum Shout, so they throw back to the good old days on New Year's Eve by dropping a stuffed possum from atop a downtown building. Don't worry, animal lovers -- no live possums are harmed during the festivities.

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