My Dad Passed From Cancer 3 Months Ago

Why I Support the American Cancer Society

I'm doing this in honor of my dad Frank Nelson. He passed 11/18/21 from bladder cancer that spread to his lungs and liver. He was a fighter. He got up every morning to fight, until he couldn't. When he passed, he was only 97lbs. I NEVER want to see someone go through what my dad and family went through.

PLEASE join me by raising money for this American Cancer Society event. Taking part in this event gives me the chance to make a difference and honor those touched by cancer by raising funds for groundbreaking research and services for people dealing with cancer. I'm also participating to inspire hope for those facing the disease and raising money for the American Cancer Society's event to help save lives from cancer. I hope you'll consider signing up too.

Funds raised support cancer patient programs and groundbreaking research that can help save lives. This event also celebrates over 15.5 million cancer survivors nationwide. 15.5 MILLION. That's huge. That's why I'd love your support. Will you join me? And if you can't would you be so kind as to make a donation?

Thank you.

Copy and paste this link to go to my fundraising page:

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