Celebrate All Things Cats at CATFEST

It's time to celebrate your favorite fur friend at CatFest at the National Western Expo Hall November 12th. There will be over 100 adoptable cats, plus some celebrity cats to take pics with.

Cat Video Cafe

Celebrity Cats (including Baloo, Pluto, Liebchen and Xeli) (visit page)

TICA Cat Show

Cat Adoption Booths (visit page)

Hello Kitty Bounce House

Most Annoying Cat: Challenge Panel

Cat-Themed Vendors

​Face Painters

Emcee Miss Purrcilla Pawsley

Mystical Egyptian Cat Oasis (with Tarot Readers)​

Memorial Louis Wain Cat Art Show (visit page)​

Cat Craft-Making (toys, masks, charms, etc)

DJ Rockstar Aaron plays Cat Tunes all day

Costume Contest​

​Hiss-tory of Cats

Fun Stage events​


Go HERE for more!

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