Where fireworks are and are not legal in Colorado

Any type of firework that leaves the ground is illegal in Colorado; but there may be certain types that are legal in various cities, like sparklers.

Examples of illegal fireworks are firecrackers, bottle rockets, lady fingers, mortars and roman candles.

There are certain types of firecrackers that are permitted such as sparklers, snakes, fountains, tanks, smoke bombs, and ground spinners.


Arapahoe County (unincorporated)

The use of all fireworks and firecrackers is prohibited. Fireworks are also strictly prohibited at Cherry Creek State Park or any state park.


The possession and use of any firework (including sparklers) is illegal in Arvada.


The sale, possession and use of certain fireworks is legal in Aurora. Fireworks can be purchased and used in Aurora only from June 15 to July 4.

Fireworks that do not leave the ground or explode are allowed.

Boulder County

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office implemented Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on Wednesday, June 15, for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County. The ban prohibits fireworks sales, use and possession, including permissible fireworks.


Fireworks that leave the ground such as cannons, mortars, bottle rockets, roman candles, missiles and aerial spinners are illegal.

Legal fireworks include sparklers, cone fountains, base fountains, handheld fountains, snappers, poppers, tanks, snakes, smoke bombs and wheels.


Most fireworks are illegal within the North Metro Fire Rescue District, which includes the City and County of Broomfield.

Castle Rock

Only fireworks purchased at stands in Castle Rock are legal, and only on July 4, however, that is only when a fire ban in is NOT in place. Currently the city is under a stage 1 fire ban, which means no personal fireworks are allowed.


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