Paul Rudd befriends bullied middle school student from Westminster

Paul Rudd is a real superhero after befriending a bullied Colorado boy.

the Ant-Man star surprised 12-year-old Brody Ridder from Westminster when he FaceTimed him after learning that his classmates refused to sign his yearbook.

Brody's mother, Cassandra Ridder, posted a photo of the yearbook (Link below) showing his classmates refusing to sign it and a note Brody write himself on one of the blank pages that read "Hope you make some more friends -- Brody Ridder." 

The actor from the movies Ant-Man and Avengers reacted to the post not only with a call, but he followed up with a handwritten note posted by the boy's mother on social media that read, "It was great talking to you the other day." Rudd also told Brody that "it's important to remember that even when life is hard, things get better."

Along with the note, Brody received his own Ant-Man helmet signed by Rudd.


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