Speed cameras under consideration in Aurora

 An increase in the number of traffic fatalities is one of the reasons Aurora may soon have photo radar enforcement.

The City of Aurora says people have complained about speeding and dangerous driving in neighborhoods, and the city is hoping the new photo enforcement will help slow people down.

The speed cameras, if approved, would be similar to those already being used in Denver. They would be part of a one-year program.

Voters turned down red-light cameras three years ago.

Money generated for photo radar tickets will go to pay for traffic calming measures. Those traffic calming measures, like narrowing streets, would slow traffic more than cameras, said Aurora Council Member Ward IV Juan Marcano.

Aurora’s city is considering approving the use of photo radar because of increasing traffic deaths. In all of 2019, there were 33 fatalities. The city has already seen 43 traffic deaths this year.


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