Kylie Jenner called ‘climate criminal’ after 17-minute private jet flight

Kylie Jenner is facing some big backlash from social media users for bragging about her and boyfriend Travis Scott’s private jets and using hers to take a three-minute flight.

The Twitter account @CelebJets posted Jenner’s plane route after she flew from Camarillo, Calif., to Van Nuys, Calif., last Tuesday, estimating that the trip would take only three minutes as opposed to a 45-minute drive.

The page later stated that the total flight time ended up being 17 minutes.

Jenner posted a black-and-white photo of her and Scott posing in front of their private jets.

“you wanna take mine or yours ?” she captioned the Instagram post Friday.

Social media users slammed Jenner on Twitter and Instagram for being a “full time climate criminal.”

“Can’t wait to see Kylie Jenner post environmental awareness pics on her stories as if she isn’t single-handedly doing more damage to the environment than most of us with her 3 min flights,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user said; “every time a paper straw begins to dissolve into my drink, I think about how Kylie Jenner uses a private jet for 3 min flights and I get mind numbingly angry.”


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