Stylists and customers fight off attempting kidnapping at Brighton salon

Brighton police are crediting the stylists and customers at a hair salon with saving the life of a domestic violence victim whose estranged partner is accused of trying to kidnap her from the salon in late June.

The victim's estranged partner, Orlando Handy punched, strangled, and pushed her into a closet the night before she had arranged for a job interview at the Rumors Salon and Spa, an Adams County affidavit said. 

She called police and reported the assault after her interview at the salon, but Handy arrived before officers. Salon workers said they heard a bang as Handy arrived and the victim screamed as she ran down an interior staircase. 

"It was just an awful scream, like a scream you'd hear in a movie. It was terrible," said Breeana Pritchard, who first confronted Handy on the stairs.

"He is trying to yank her up and she is screaming," Pritchard said as she reenacted the scene. "She’s asking for help and so I’m able to get down behind her and I’m about right here and I’m physically holding this girl by the waist."

By then, other salon workers and customers had run to the front of the salon to see what was happening.

"It was obvious he was trying to get her out of here," salon director Beverly Bartholomew said.

"It was not happening. We were not letting him take her," stylist Kelli Sena said.

About 10 women -- stylists and customers -- surrounded Handy, Bartholomew said.

She said she grabbed onto the door handle with one hand and the railing of the staircase with the other to prevent Handy from leaving the salon as others called 911.

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