Got expired plates? Police pumping the brakes on the grace period

Law enforcement agencies are pumping the brakes on the so-called "grace period" for those overdue tags. Police in Parker and Lone Tree along with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and CSP joined forces on Wednesday for expired plates enforcement.

Whether a tag is outdated or missing, it's no longer tolerated. We see plates expired from years and years ago," said Trooper Brenton Kriel with Colorado State Patrol. "Depending on how expired it is, it'll be a fine."

Blaming the pandemic for the overdue registration? Those are over.

Best advice from CSP – do the right thing and register your car. It may be expensive, but it's cheaper than when fines are piled on as well.

"Put those tabs on your vehicle," said Kriel. "It could save you some hassle."


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