AV'S Jack Johnson has ice cream party with (and In) The Stanley Cup

"I made sure with the keepers here (of the cup) if it was OK to eat ice cream out of it and they said, 'Yeah, have at it,' so I was able to keep my promise to the kids."

On Saturday afternoon in a little ice cream shop in Ohio, defenseman Jack Johnson turned the Stanley Cup over to his three children and their friends for - Ice Cream.

Johnson, who won the Cup with the Colorado Avalanche, said "It was cool," as he watched 6-year-old Jacklin; Ty, four; and Tommy, two, among other eager kids eating ice cream covered in chocolate topping and whipped cream as onlookers took photos and videos inside Dell's Ice Cream and Coffee. "I promised my kids, gosh, I don't know long ago, that if I ever won, we'd eat ice cream out of the Stanley Cup.


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