Final Weekend for the National Western Stock Show! Saturday events Jan 21

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Saturday Jan 21st

Draft Horse, Mule & Donkey Show 8am

Junior Ewe Lamb Showmanship (All Breeds) 8am

Stock Dog Trials (Intermediate Cattle dogs Competition) 8am

Jr. Breeding & Open Sheep Show 8:30am

IYAk Yak Halter Show 9am

Open Prospect Heifer Show 9am

Yak Seminars 9am

Farmyard Follies 9:30am & 10:30am

National Gold Trophy Bison Carcass Sale 10am

National Highland Sale 10am

Stock Dog Trials (Open Finals Cattle Competition) 10am

Texas Longhorn World Show (Haltered) 10am

Pro Rodeo Semi-Finals 11am

Stock Dog Sale Trials 12pm

Top Hogs of the Wild West 12pm

USYAKS Haltered Yak Show12pm

Draft Horse, Mule & Donkey Show 1pm and 6pm

Stock Dog Sale 1pm

Top Hogs of the Wild West 1:30pm

Mile High Auctioneer Open Bid Calling Contest 3pm

Swing & Line Dancing with Country KickUp 3pm

Pro Rodeo Semi-Finals 2 3:30pm

Pro Rodeo Semi-Finals 3 8pm

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